In this global pandemic when everyone is exposed to a deadly virus there is a need of taking extra precautions when we go out. Whether you want to go office, get back to your family, or visit the hospital for an emergency or whatever the case is, maintaining social distance is a crucial task. Considering this situation, we at Jain Taxi Services are providing our car rental service as per your travel needs along with taking all precautionary measures for COVID19. Taking a rental car is quite safer to travel from one to another place, and we are making it more secure to keep our clients safe from deadly Coronavirus. 

People who are in frontline services, or from the departments which are bound to work in offices and need to commute to their work premises every day or anybody who needs to go outside can rent our cars. It is the best way to restrict yourself from coming in close contact with an infected person. A personal car is a good way to maintain a distance from other people and we are making sure that you won’t get infected by COVID 19. We assure you that our rental cars are sanitized after each drive and are completely safe to use.

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Follow the below safety tips before you book a car for your next journey.

1. Its time when you self-park your car instead of valet service and giving it to somebody else to park it. It will not only restrict your close contact from another person but would also reduce the chance of you getting infected. Also, it’s good that your car is untouched by another person.

2. Ask your service provider to sanitize the whole car properly, if possible let them do it in front of you. It is very important to get it cleaned before you drive because we never know who might have driven the car before you, what if he was infected? Taking safety precautions is the only way of keeping yourself safe.

3. It is important to let fresh air come inside the car, so whenever possible keep the windows open and allow air to come inside even if you use an air conditioner.

4. It is important to check the current policy of your rental car service offering company, you won’t face any issue in case of canceling or rescheduling the ride. In this pandemic, companies are changing their policies making it more relaxing for their customers.

5. There is all lockdown, shutdown, and curfew all around the cities, states, and country, so before you head out to anywhere make sure you follow the guidelines of the administration of your area and the place where you are going.

6. Check the canceling charges in case you change your mind. If you are using Jain Taxi Service, we are giving you full assurance that all modifications in your reservation of taxi service will be considered without any further chances.

The current situation is pure evidence that we might have to learn to live with this Pandemic in the future. We still do not have the vaccine or treatment for COVID 19, so even after the lockdown removal, we have to follow the social distancing and wear a mask in public areas.

Soon we will know how normal things can get or to the contrary how worse it can get. But the important thing to consider here is developing the habit of maintaining distance from others. A large number of people use public transportation for their daily commute to work, office, home, market, or anywhere. But due to the pandemic and keeping safety measures in mind, we should now avoid public transportation completely. Post lockdown it is necessary to keep yourself away from others, and not gather in a crowd. Public transportation like buses, trains, autos are always full of passengers and we can’t take a risk to travel in them. We will have to look out for a better and safe mode of transportation and personal rental cars are the best for those who have not their own vehicle. It is the safest mode to avoid close contact from the rest of the people.

People with a bike or other 2 wheelers are good to go with masks and other safety measures, but for the people who do not have a single vehicle can opt for rental car service.

Jain Taxi Service is one of the most preferred car rentals offering company in Jaipur and now in this tough time of the pandemic, it is doing every possible job for its customers to give the safest ride all the time. Due to rental services, it has become easier to choose personal mobility for a person who doesn’t have a car or who can’t afford to buy one.

People will have to understand the fact that COVID 19 is not seasonal flu that will come and go easily with a weather change. And keeping countries in lockdown will also not work for a long time. Thus to live safely all we have to maintain hygiene and keep social distancing. And for social distancing, we have to learn and understand how important it is to travel alone instead of crowded buses, trains, and autos. Car rental in this situation is the best option to stay away from others and maintain distancing and after the lockdown era, there would be more demand in car rentals as people will prefer them more.

During this Pandemic, surprising news from the Haryana state government has come which states that it has imposed a ban on buying new vehicles this year including jeep and cars. It is just an example of COVID 19 side effects. Now someone from Haryana who was thinking of buying a new car to avoid public transportation will be in misery and distress. Well, these things are out of control so do not stress over it. Instead, focus on what you can do to keep yourself and your dear ones safe. Choose rental car service if you want to travel anywhere post lockdown. We at Jain Taxi Services are making sure that you do not face any problem during commutation.

Contact us anytime to book your safe and flexible car or taxi.

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