After a tiring schedule of a monotonous life, we all deserve a break to pamper ourselves and release all the stress. So traveling pops out as a most suitable option for treating ourselves better and rejuvenating our mind and soul. For all the travel enthusiasts belonging to Delhi whose desire is to explore the royalty of Jaisalmer but do not have any idea of where to start and how to start the trip, then worry not, cause you have landed on a correct platform which has the answers to your travel related questions.

How to Travel to Jaisalmer From Delhi

The “golden city Jaisalmer”, located in Rajasthan is at a distance of 830 km by road from Delhi. The city is a perfect portrayal of cultural vividness of India adorned with the hues of Rajasthani style folks. Jaisalmer is located near borders of Pakistan and is a desert area because of its geographic closeness with the Thar Desert. The major attractions of this golden city are the magnificent havelis, Jain Temples, Desert National park, Camel Rides, Desert Safari and many more. The city is a lure for the travel buffs longing to explore the rich Indian Heritage.

Now, let us talk and compare all the conveyance mediums from Delhi to Jaisalmer.

By air: As there is no airport in Jaisalmer for now, so traveling by air could be a little tedious. As you will be needed to take a route via some other city and then board some train or cab to reach your ultimate destination. So, direct access to Jaisalmer from Delhi is not an option. You can either choose any of the neighboring city’s airport like Udaipur, Jodhpur or Jaipur(Jodhpur being the closest among them). Then you can hire a cab to reach Jaisalmer.

By train: Trains are obviously the foremost choice of anyone as they provide the most convenient and comfortable journey at the cheapest prices. There are 3 trains which travel directly from Delhi to Jaisalmer with one of them being the superfast train which starts only on a single day of the week and other two leaves every day. But the train journey is generally not a preferable option because of the long time it takes in a journey. Who would like to spend 17 hours just in traveling? Also, there is another luxury train known as Palace on Wheels which starts at Delhi and takes you to the tour of various heritage cities of Rajasthan and has Jaisalmer as one of the stop-overs.

By road: There are two options to be traveled by road: one is by bus and other is via cab or your own vehicle. Road is generally a more preferred option in traveling as it doesn’t take long to travel to any place. But unfortunately, there are no direct buses from Delhi to Jaisalmer. You can either choose to switch buses from its neighboring cities.  Or another option could be to hire a cab or taxi from some trustworthy taxi company. Hiring a cab can be suitable as it gives you a journey at your own comfort and timings.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned options according to your convenience.

The easiest way to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi:

Although the final decision lies in the hands of the travelers and their comfort zone based on timings. But we’ll try to comprehend it and make it a little easy for you to choose from the various conveyance options. As there is no direct flight from Delhi to Jaisalmer, so it will become quite exhausting and tedious to board a flight and then a cab to reach the ultimate destination. So traveling by air is a bad option.

Coming to buses, there are no direct buses so this option also gets eliminated.

The best option to travel from Delhi to Jaisalmer would be either by train or by private cab or taxi. Now it completely depends on travelers’ choice of whether they want to experience a proper road trip or want to take a night train straight to Jaisalmer. But who would like to have such adventurous trip by getting exhausted in train journey for 17 hours?

Therefore, hiring a taxi or cab for outstation is a wonderful option to go with as there are many companies offering tour packages from Delhi to Jaisalmer. The quality of comfort and convenience is something which a road trip to Jaisalmer offers to its customers. You can choose any cab option from the fleet of cars served by companies.

Jain Taxi Services is also serving its customers from last so many years with various discounted tour packages and offers a wide range of cab options to choose from.

Go and pack your bags because this Delhi to Jaisalmer tour awaits you with its alluring beauty and vast deserts spreading their arms to welcome you with pure love.

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