On May 25 after a lockdown of 2 months, domestic flights will be resumed in India. All major airports are and airlines are starting their operations with new guidelines and safety measures. Will this resumption run smoothly? Not completely. With all the new guidelines and personal conflict over safety, there are going to be a lot of roadblocks on the journey towards stress-free air travel.

The complete process will be contactless. So, be prepared as air travel might never be the same as it was.

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Only private and authorized cabs would be allowed inside the airport. We offer the authorized airport cabs so our customers can book cabs to reach the airport on time and safely.

But there are limitations to airport cabs seating and passenger limit. Only 2 passengers excluding the driver are allowed to be seated in the 4 wheeler cab as per the guidelines issued by the government. In extreme cases, at most 3 passengers can sit in a 6 seater taxi/cab. But this depends on local authorities.

Reach the airport 2-3 hours the scheduled departure.

  1. Your journey starts at home

  • Passengers will be required to do web check-ins and get online baggage tickets.
  1. How to reach the airport.

  • Private vehicles will be allowed inside the airport.
  • Only Authorized airport cabs will be allowed at the airport.
  • Containment zone residential will not be permitted to travel.
  • A four-seater can carry 2 passengers apart from the driver.
  • A six-seater is allowed to carry 3 passengers.
  • You do not need a travel pass for a cab. But checking guidelines would be advised if the certain state you are entering requires a pass or not.
  1. Screening procedures

  • Thermal screening is mandatory for all passengers and will be done at the airport.
  • Passengers must download the Arogya setu app which will help authorities track the area passengers are coming from. Children below the age of 14 would be exempted from this rule.
  • An undertaking is signed by passengers stating. For multiple passengers traveling under one PNR, a single declaration is enough.
  • Airlines will be providing you safety kits. This kit will include safety face cover.
  1. What to expect while boarding the flight

  • If you are waiting in the waiting area make sure to practice social distancing and sit on benches far from fellow passengers.
  • Disinfectant tunnels or chambers if installed at the airport should be used by every passenger.
  • Paste a print out of the baggage tag on your luggage. Incase printer is not available, simply write the ticket PNR along with their name on a piece of paper and paste it on the bag.
  • Passengers should carry your own face masks, one N95 mask, and one disposable mask on top of it. Passengers should carry hand sanitizers.
  • Make sure to maintain distance between fellow passengers.
  • Do not carry unnecessary food on the flight. Eating food will also not be advised.
  • The staff at the airport and the crew of flight will be having minimum communication with you.
  • Airport staff will be fully covered in protective gear, so do not be surprised.
  • If possible there will not be two passengers sitting next to each other.
  1. During flight

  • Try not to remove your face masks.
  • Maintain distance and follow crew instruction.
  • Do not communicate unnecessarily with other passengers.
  • Always disinfect your hands and handle of restroom gate after use.
  • If it’s been a few hours of using your disposable mask then discard it and wear new ones.
  • Once your flight ends do not hurry and disobey social distancing.
  • Leave in a calm manner as directed by the crew.
  1. After flight lands

  • You will be disinfected manually with sprays or in disinfection tunnels and chambers.
  • Those with symptoms will be immediately taken in quarantine and followed local guidelines for further process.
  • Any international traveler or from infected zones will be asked to self-monitor and exercise 14 days quarantine.
  • Discard the masks according to the crew and staff direction.
  1. Leaving the airport

  • Different states have different protocols. If you want a pick-up cab then check guidelines if you are allowed or not.
  • You can book a can to pick you up if allowed. Jaintaxi services is working and runs booking.
  • If you are taking a cab do not forget to maintain hygienic measures and not remove your mask.
  • If you run out of hand sanitizer use cab’s and disinfect your hands before and after the trip.
  1. After travel guidelines

  • It is generally recommended to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days after travel.
  • Those traveling from severely affected are will be tested in some states. So, you might go through a swab test.
  • Check the state’s own local guidelines to follow mandatory quarantine routine.
  • Many cities and states require special permission to enter the state if you are from a highly effective area.


What if you are a resident of a containment zone or coming from there?

You wouldn’t be allowed to travel by air if you belong to the containment zone. Check guidelines issued by the government to know further.

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